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Dr. Eduard Gutgarts and the friendly, experienced staff will do their utmost to ensure that you are always comfortable and informed. 


When you visit Dr. Eduard Gutgarts Dental Office, you’ll be treated as our treasured guest. Our spacious offices offers great views, so from the moment you enter our doors, a sense of beauty, splendor, and relaxation greets you. Our concierge will make sure you have everything you need, from refreshments to information about our practice to friendly conversation and a listening ear.
Dr. Eduard Gutgarts will meet with you, review your desires, expectations, and questions. He will take appropriate X-rays and models. Dr. Gutgarts is caring, understanding, and best of all, he listens! He will determine the best treatment plan for you to maintain a lifetime of function and esthetics with your teeth and smile. He will then present this treatment plan to you, along with a timetable and fees, pictures, models, and movies to help you understand and make informed choices. And if you have any questions or concerns, Dr. Eduard Gutgarts is simply a phone call away.


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Dr. Eduard Gutgarts Dental practices make it easy.

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Dental practices make it easy.

  • X-rays
  • Examination and Review of X-rays
  • Recommended Treatment Plan
  • Consultation with Office Manager
  • Schedule Your Next Appointment

Here’s what to expect at your first visit.

The first thing you’ll do when you arrive for your initial visit is fill out your registration forms so the office team can get to know you a little better. It’s always a good idea to arrive a few minutes early.


We will then take a series of digital images or x-rays. It may be a few more than you might expect, but x-rays are needed so that we can complete a comprehensive exam of your entire mouth. X-rays are important for denture wearers, too. Our doctor can determine if you have adequate bone to support your dentures, plus check for bone fractures, cysts, tumors, lesions, and sinus issues

Examination and review of x-rays with your Dr. Gutgarts Dental Dentist

After reviewing your x-rays, your dentist will discuss your dental and medical history and the reason for your visit. The dentist will then perform a thorough oral exam and suggest a comprehensive treatment plan that’s best for you. Recommended treatment plan You’ll hear the term “comprehensive care” often at Dr. Gutgarts Dental. It means that our doctor will examine your entire mouth to determine your overall oral health, and recommend treatment for long-lasting good health; rather than just fixing your immediate problem.

Consultation with Office Manager

Of course we’ll be happy to take care of any immediate problem, but quick-fix solutions rarely solve bigger problems. And conditions left untreated may cause serious overall health issues in the future including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Once our dentist completes and reviews your exam, our office manager will meet with you to answer any questions you may have, discuss payment options, and work with you on the best way to move forward with your treatment plan.

Schedule your next appointment

New patients often ask whether they can get their teeth cleaned during their first visit. There are actually several levels of cleaning available depending on your oral health status. To determine the best cleaning for you, and to schedule adequate time with our hygienist, we will need to see you first for a comprehensive exam. Your actual treatment usually begins with a follow-up visit, often scheduled as soon as the next day.

Every question is a good one.

As you leave the office, you’ll take our complete evaluation with you, along with the cost of your treatment, and the date for your treatment to begin. You may have additional questions during your visit. If there is anything at all you don’t understand, please ask us. Members of the Dr. Gutgarts Dental team will be happy to answer all of your questions. For more information about Dr. Gutgarts Dental, take a few minutes to further explore this website. Our doctor and the rest of the Dr. Gutgarts Dental team look forward to helping you find your smile.

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