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I went there for three times, and my worries are useless, all these three times nothing was undertaken xD you know why? I had little complaints about my fillings, crowns and overall enamel flaws, and every time I have a panic attack about some strange feeling I have if something develops (a dead root gives me pain or a crack) this doctor tells me the problem is not serious, he performs an x-ray of the tooth that bothers me and examines the area with a special magnifier. so far I trust him as he had decades of experience overseas, and I’m not a fan of modern technologies. he saved me so much money by not milking me with the unnecessary procedures. I’ve been with him for a year, and indeed, my problems are just a result of worrying, thanks god nothing jeopardizes my oral health to this point. it’s pretty easy to make an appointment, it’s usually a week of waiting from the day you call. the receptionist is a nice woman but once I cancelled the appointment half an hour before coming, she wasn’t very pleased with it however, which is understandable, but made an appointment for next week. as far as I remember, I was charged for three appointments the following amounts: $55, $35, $25. I really don’t know how he calculates it, but I had no dental insurance and these are the prices for the check-up and x-ray. he treats patients without insurance even cheaper than if you have one, for example a crown would cost $650 cash. the staff is kind and understanding, for example, I’ve a vomiting reflex if something touches the root of my tongue, and I warn them about it, and they let me handle the x-ray gadget myself, which I’m comfortable with. I highly recommend him and wish y’all strong teeth and healthy pink gums! Miss C.

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